2015 Game Review

R&R: Packers/Lions

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Wow! What a come back and a much needed win! Rants The reality of this game is that the Lions out played the Pack and, for most of the game with the exception of a few plays, the offense played another sub-par game. One thing which surfaced this game that's been missing is Aaron Rodgers legs. He finally started breaking out of the pocket and instead of throwing the ball away or just running out of bounds, he started going for yards and as it turned out he was the leading rusher this game with a TD to boot. (more…)

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Packers Look to Play Themselves Back to a Regular Schedule

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Mike McCarthy made it very clear that the Packers' Sunday-Thursday-Thursday schedule is one that he can't wait to get past. If the Packers can get a win at Ford Field, they will be able to exit that stretch and take advantage of theĀ other side of the Thursday schedule and watch some games on Sunday and rest up a bit for the final, critical games of the 2015 season. In his weekly podcast "McCarthy Unplugged" he told Larry McCarren, "You can feel your body changes every year and I'll tell you what, this Sunday, Thursday to Thursday schedule now, this is…

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Just a thought

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The media tried to stir up another rumor about a "players only" meeting. McCarthy said he knew nothing about any such meeting in his news conference and Rodgers later confirmed there was no meeting but my question would be, "Why not?" Maybe the players need to get together and convey their opinions to each other about why they're not performing at a level which is expected of them. Rodgers needs to sit down with his receivers and explain why he doesn't trust them instead of just saying so, and the receivers need to let him know their feelings about his…

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Davante Adams or Jeff Janis?

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If there was one thing I could change in the game against the Chicago Bears, it would be Davante Adams dropping the ball. If the Packers could have changed that one thing, it would have made all the difference in the game. That brings up the question of whether Adams should continue to start, or if it's time for him to be supplanted by Jeff Janis. (more…)

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