2015 Game Review

R&R Packers/Bears

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I am sick to my stomach, this loss is unacceptable on so many levels it's not funny. The offensive play calling was horrible in the second half and the execution looked more like a team of high school players. Davante Adams should be put on the bench until he learns how to catch. When is McCarthy going to use Janis? The kid is a play-maker and they are wasting his abilities sitting on the bench. I have said this many times and I'm tired of hearing "He is not ready"... BS! It looks to me like Adams is the one…

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Will the Real Eddie Lacy Please Step Forward

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It was nice to see Eddie Lacy start to look like his old self again in the Packers outing against the Vikings. He was back to making people miss, he was back to bull rushing people, and he was back to pushing the pile for extra yardage. When Eddie is rolling, the Packers offense, as a whole, moves the ball much more easily. The threat of Eddie Lacy opens up the passing game much like the threat of Adrian Peterson has given the Vikings opportunities in the past games this season. But the question remains, is Lacy back or is…

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Week 11 Takeaways

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  Even if Sunday’s 30-13 road win over the Vikings wasn’t a full remedy for all of the issues experienced since the bye week, fans must be happy with the rebound victory that boosted the Packers’ confidence and vaulted them back into first place. With divisional games scheduled for each of the next two Thursdays, the alleged course correction has come in timely fashion. Operating on the road and in cold temperatures, the Packers played disciplined football against Minnesota, committing only four penalties against the Vikings’ eight. For the first time since the bye week, the offense featured the right type…

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R&R – Packers Versus Vikings

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The Pack breaks a 3 game losing streak last night with their win over the Vikings, as I stated in my post "A Little Reminder", our beloved team would win this one big, I even said mark my words! Raves: The defense came out firing on all eleven cylinders and the key was stopping one of the best running backs in the game - Adrian Peterson, holding him to 45 yards rushing made the Vikings try to beat them with Bridgewater's arm which let Capers tee off with some well-timed blitzes. They kept pressure on Teddy the whole game, sacking him six times…

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Week 10 Takeaways

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Prior to the Packers’ bye week in late October, it would have been difficult to envision any outcome other than a win if armed with the knowledge that Green Bay’s defense would allow only 18 points across four quarters. Much to the dismay of Packer Nation, this outcome was realized on Sunday as the Packers suffered an 18-16 loss to the 1-7 Lions – their first at home since 1991. The search for answers now begins at 1265 Lombardi, with Green Bay having temporarily surrendered first place in the NFC North to the Vikings, who they will face next. Playing…

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