2015 Game Review

Packers-Broncos Prediction Gone Wrong

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Without exception, the predictions I heard for this game against the Broncos all had Green Bay winning the game. Many predictions were closer than others, but all had Green Bay winning this game out right. So what went wrong? (more…)

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R&R Packers Versus Broncos

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McCarthy said it best, the Packers just got their (Butt's) kicked. I had this game down as their first loss when the schedule came out but going into the game last night I figured the way the defense had been playing they could get the win...I was wrong. The defense we all had become accustomed to seeing reared its ugly head again. Casey Hayward should have been a bench-warmer this game not a corner because he couldn't cover his own butt much less anyone else's! Not sure about the plan Capers had in place for this game and why he…

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So Close, and Yet So Far

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  A lot is been made about the fact that Phillip Rivers was able to generate so many passing yards against the Packers in week six. While it's alarming that the defense gave up that many yards in the passing game, there are several reasons why I'm not too concerned about it going forward. (more…)

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Week 5 Takeaways

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For a second straight week, the Packers defense bailed out abnormally pedestrian play on the offensive side of the ball – this time at home against a hot St. Louis Rams team. Mediocre play on special teams and seven penalties committed were other problem areas in the Packers’ 24-10 victory over Jeff Fisher’s Rams. While the Rams’ strengths on the defensive line were acknowledged heading into the contest, the Packers’ offensive woes this week are seemingly more puzzling than the week prior. Not having thrown an interception at home since 2012, Aaron Rodgers threw two picks on Sunday, in addition to…

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R&R: Rants and Raves – Packers Versus Rams

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Rants This game was not pretty but it is a win nevertheless. Aaron Rodgers threw 2 INT's and had a sack fumble for a turnover which is very uncharacteristic of him but I put the blame partially on the receivers, they were not getting separation throughout this game (with the exception of a few plays which resulted in a Ty Montgomery TD and a James Jones TD) and for the most part they looked lost. I am not a Jeff Janis or Jared Abbrederis groupie but I feel if the receivers are struggling then why not put these guys in…

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