2015 Season

Oh, We’ll Understand it Better Bye and Bye…

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This final three weeks of the NFL regular season are going to be off the hook. The Packers are still playing for a first round bye and the schedule makes practically theirs to command. With a head-to-head match-up with the Cardinals in a couple weeks, the Packers have the opportunity, if they can beat them in the regular season, to leap frog their seeding with a tie record. This, of course, assumes that they win out which will be no small feat the way the Raiders and upstart Vikings are playing. It also requires another Cardinal lossĀ aside fromĀ the game against…

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Resurgence of the Packer Run Game

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Do we love the resurgence of the Packer running game, or what? At a time when our passing game really needed the running game to step up, it almost disappeared completely. Then, just when hope started to get dim, the foot soldiers start marching forward and taking possession of the territory before them. (more…)

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R&R Packers/Dallas

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Raves This was a statement game by McCarthy and his redeemed role as play caller, from the time the offense stepped on the field it was the Lacy and Starks show and this is McCarthy's calling card as a head coach and play caller. He has always liked to run/run/pass which got him a bad rap but this game he was mixing it up so it kept the defense guessing for the most part but pounding the ball in bad weather was obviously his game plan right out of the gate. Lacy looked like a man on a mission this…

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The Atrium: 12-13-15

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The Packers look to get the Lambeau Field advantage back this afternoon against the Cowboys. But the 'Boys defense looks to have the same success that other teams have had against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers' offense. The game has direct playoff implications for both teams with the Cowboys hoping to draw even with each of the other NFC East teams and the Packers looking to extend their lead in the North. (more…)

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