2016 Draft

Ted Thompson’s Hidden Gems

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Top 10 Value Draft Picks Under Ted Thompson Ted Thompson will soon be conducting his 12th draft as Green Bay Packers general manager. His picks have ranged from the fantastic (Aaron Rodgers) to the good (James Jones and Greg Jennings), bad (LB Abdul Hodge, QB Brian Brohm) to terrible (DT Justin Harrell) and everything in between. Perhaps the toughest job any GM has lies in uncovering those “diamonds in the rough” in later rounds. Here are 10 (actually 11 with one tie) of the best “value” picks Thompson has made… with value defined as fourth round or later. (more…)

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Ideal Green Bay Packers 3 Round Mock Draft

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With the 2016 NFL Draft a few days away, NFL experts and insiders have started making mock drafts for every team, trying to predict which players the teams will select in the. As expected, these players will have an impact on the team’s NFL power rankings for next season, which is why teams try to do as much research as possible before selecting their picks. The Green Bay Packers are one of the most intriguing teams in the draft this year because many believe that they are a few key players away from getting back to the Super Bowl. Since quarterback…

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Packers’ Best-Ever First Round Draft Picks

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The NFL draft is nearly here, which unfortunately conjures bad memories among Packers fans about all-time busts like Tony Mandarich, Ahmad Carroll, and Justin Harrell, to name but a few. But the Packers get their #1 pick right a fair amount, too, so this post focuses on the positive vibes it might send Ted Thompson’s way! So here are my choices for the Green Bay Packers' top round #1 draft picks of all time. (At one time, players could sign with any team they wanted, so that’s why you won’t see a player like Don Hutson on this list.) 10.…

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Draft is Approaching Fast

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With the draft right around the corner it's feeling a little like football season again. Ted Thompson went out of his norm and signed a free agent to fill a need on offense with TE Jared Cook. While he may not be a player most teams would covet, he's a perfect fit for the Packers. Some are comparing him to Jermichael Finley, which he is in body size, but Cook is faster. This will be deadly in routes down the seam because he will draw a safety to him and it leaves Nelson and Cobb with single coverage. (more…)

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Big Changes Coming to the Packers Defense

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2015 was the first season in recent memory in which the Packers defense stood the hero more often than the offense. So, of course, the defense is where the bulk of the changes should be this off-season (tongue firmly planted in cheek).  (more…)

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