2016 Game Preview

Packers Offense Becoming a Headache For Defensive Coordinators

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A fast Ford Field could hurt the Detroit Lions tonight. A Packers offense that has been smoking hot since the Seahawks game should benefit from being indoors during tonight's game. While the Lions will have a homefield advantage and the crowd noise may be a problem, being indoors might make a great Packers offense practically unstoppable. I think there are three positions/players in particular that will benefit, and the last one may surprise you. (more…)

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Will The 4th Quarter Belong to the Packers or Lions?

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The Packers have at times struggled to put together 4 quarters of football in all three phases of the game. The Lions have lived on fourth quarter comebacks this year, compiling 8 and proving that they are a team that is not to be counted out at any point in a game. The final game of the season has been deciding the NFC North since the NFL decided to make every week 17 matchup a division rivalry game and Sunday night's contest will be no different. Aaron Rodgers is playing lights out football and the Packers' defense is getting healthier.…

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Over Under: Packers INT’s

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We all know the Packers' defensive backfield is decimated with injuries. Once the epitome of depth, the Packers now find the position group relying on that previous depth and hoping for some players back over the long haul. In the meantime, the DB situation is stretched thin. But this week's game against the Colts presents an opportunity off one of the stats that has been most often quoted about Andrew Luck and the Colts' offensive line.  (more…)

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Circle the Stat: Bonus Edition

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Mike McCarthy says stats are for losers...yet he uses them every day. In reality, I agree with McCarthy wholeheartedly...I constantly see stats quoted as if they are predictive...especially in fantasy football. But McCarthy uses the statistical data to get a clearer picture of tendencies and understand where the focus needs to be, and that is valuable. So from time to time, I do "Circle the Stat" and pull out a stat or two that I think matter and talk about why it matters. Usually, I do it on the live show "Good PackerNation Morning" but I thought I would throw in…

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3 Keys To Beating Atlanta (…and 1 Honorable Mention)

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This has been a rough Monday for Packer Nation. As one after another player goes down (and or out for the season), Packers fans must be at the point of cringing every time another report comes out. After an improved outing against the Chicago Bears, it looks like the Packers offense is going to have to begin to score more points if the team is going to be successful moving forward. Now, with word that Jared Abbrederis is on the list of IR players, the wide receiver corps, while not the triage unit of the defensive backfield, also takes a…

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