2016 Season

INTERACTIVE: Let Packernation Make the Pick

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At this point in the process, the discussion centers around each team's top pick and the Combine will help clarify that position. Hunter Henry certainly would be a welcome addition to the Packers offense. He is up against it being a tight end, a position that the Packers already have some young talent and in a draft that is heavy in Defensive linemen and offensive tackles, both of which are more crucial positions. But Henry is a playmaker and Ted Thompson has consistently kept pass catchers coming for Aaron Rodgers and the tight end position fits that bill. (more…)

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Point/Counterpoint: 3 Reasons the Packers Will NOT Pick Hunter Henry

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331 NFL draft hopefuls are gathered in Indianapolis yesterday for the NFL Combine and the event (or series of events) is an important step for each prospective NFL player. One player that Packernation has its eye on is Hunter Henry, the tight end out of Arkansas. Henry is projected as a late first rounder and and the Packers pick at number 27. The pick would fill the need for a pass catching tight end with speed that the Packers have not had since Jermichael Finley. Henry can attack the deep middle and create matchup problems and a weapon like that…

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YOU Be The GM: 3 Defensive Decisions for Packernation

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There is little question that the Packers' defense carried the team this year. With an offense struggling to find any identity and scoring an average of a full touchdown a game less than they did last year, the Packers' only hope was to find a dominant defensive identity and they did that...thanks to key players, some of whom are slated to hit the free agent market at the end of the contract year.  (more…)

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This Difference-Maker Would Make the Packers a Championship Defense

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Mike McCarthy has said that this Packers defense is not yet a "Championship defense". That could change with one move this coming offseason. Yesterday, the Rams released James Laurinaitis, the team's all-time leading tackler. This move had many facets but for the most part came from a desire to get younger and clear cap space. But the move is an opportunity for the Green Bay Packers defense to immediately take a quantum leap forward.  (more…)

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