2016 Season

The Missing Link in Ted Thompson’s “Draft and Develop” Approach

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Ted Thompson has done an admirable job drafting new blood to keep the Packers' deep in young players, which has in turn helped keep the coffers deep, rather than blowing everything on high priced free agents. At its root, this draft and develop approach is one that I agree with. It's a young man's game and the Packers are consistently one of the youngest teams in the league. But I think Thompson is missing part of the "develop" part of the equation in his seeming steadfast refusal to sign free agents. But first, a disclaimer: (more…)

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Packers Face Tough Decisions

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With the season officially over and free agents looming what moves do you think Ted Thompson should make? Here is a list of players he will have to make decisions about: Unrestricted Free Agents OT, Don Barclay K, Mason Crosby (more…)

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Coaching Changes Announced

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The Packers announced a couple coaching staff changes shortly after the end of the 2015 season. TE coach Jerry Fontenot and RB coach Sam Gash were let go. (more…)

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Decisions Loom for the Packers

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With the 2015 season in the books, the Packers have decisions to make this offseason. Each year brings with it a list of free agents that have to be decided upon. This year's list is extensive, contains some fan favorite names, and could change the profile of the team going into the 2016 season. (more…)

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The Smile Heard ‘Round Packer Nation

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I'm as thrilled as anybody about the fact that the Packers offense kicked into high gear against the Washington Redskins. It was great seeing the offense operate the way we have always known they could operate. More importantly, I enjoyed seeing the team smile again. You've been able to see on their faces that they've been as frustrated with their lack of productivity as the fans have been, and it was good to see them smile and relax a little bit. There was that moment during the game when you could almost feel the shift in their demeanor. It was…

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