2016 Season

HOT READ: 3 Reasons the Bears are in Trouble

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It is game week and the 2015 season begins with the longest standing rivalry in the League. The Chicago Bears hope to knock off a Nelson-less Packers team in Chicago while the Packers wish to get the away win so that they can develop young players and get James Jones re-acclimated without dropping a divisional rivalry that they have to play on the road. The stakes for this game are much higher than one would expect as a loss here could open the door to a divisional deficit as either the Vikings or the Lions seem capable of taking two…

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Packers in London in 2016: Fulfilling Two Passions at Once

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You've probably heard the news that the Packers may be playing an away game in London in 2016. For me, traveling to such a game would fulfill two passions at once. I'd get to attend a Packer game I'd get to experience another culture You probably already know how much I love the Packers. In fact, you wouldn't be reading this right now if not for my love of this game and this team. But, you may not know that I also love learning about other cultures. This game would have it all. (more…)

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