2017 NFL Playoffs

Entering Free Agency…One Stat That Blows Me Away

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The rumors about the Packers being more active in free agency have a lot of people excited. Of course, we all know that Packers' GM Ted Thompson rarely gets his feet wet in the initial frenzy where most of the game-changers go and many are overpaid and underperform. Much of the talk before the FA period has to do with cap space and where the team could better spend its money, to the extent that, there has even been speculation that the Packers could get rid of one of their stars. But there is one, basic aspect of the Packers…

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Super Bowl Prediction

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Each year I feel compelled to write a post predicting the Super Bowl winner. This year, I really would almost rather not go there. All I am hoping for is that the commercials are good. But as the game nears, I have a few thoughts on the big game.  (more…)

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Vote! Which Packer RB Will Have the Most Yards?

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For a team like the Dallas Cowboys, this is an easy question to answer. But, for a team like the Green Bay Packers... not so much. There's a lot to consider here. Who will McCarthy give the most reps to? What kind of run plays does Mike think will be successful against the Cowboys? So, what do you think? Which Packer running back will have the most yards against the Cowboys in the coming divisional round matchup?

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Vote! Should the Packers Play Jordy Nelson?

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Packer fans have been waiting on the edge of their seats to find out if Jordy Nelson will be available to play against the Dallas Cowboys. The word from the Packers' organization is that, if he can practice on Saturday, he can play on Sunday. The question is... Even if he can practice, should the Packers play him. Which is more important? Jordy's health or his contribution against the Cowboys? What do you think? If the decision were yours, would you let Jordy play or would you play it safe and keep him on the sidelines?

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