2017 Offseason Program

Packers Quest for Balance Starts Now

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Last year's running back situation left the Packers' attempts to establish the running game, at times, a crap-shoot. With Starks out and Lacy down for the count, the team really had a revolving door until Ty Montgomery stepped in and Aaron Ripkowski came on strong. Attempts to achieve greater run/pass balance looked more forced than anything. Now without Lacy, the Packers have a bevy of rookies, one of whom will be slated for the number two spot behind Monty. How do they stack up? We will discover that here. (more…)

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Will the Defense Prove Daniels Right?

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Mike Daniels said in a recent interview that he is visualizing the Packers in the Super Bowl next year. With Aaron Rodgers at quarterback and the newly added Martellus Bennett locked and loaded along with the wide receiver corps that has always been strong and is now deep, the offense should be one of the most dynamic in the league.  But the Packers cannot expect to go the distance without better play from the defense. Daniels seems to believe that the Packers defense is due to bounce back but will the group prove Daniels right?  (more…)

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3 Special Teams Concerns

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While Packer Nation is excited about the prospect of an offense that looks locked and loaded, and (though there are question marks) a defense that is getting healthy and added some prime rookie recruits, there are still several questions about the special teams.  (more…)

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Geronimo Allison Sophomore Season

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It doesn't take much searching to discover that the idea of a sophomore slump is hotly debated. Still, the fact remains that not every player makes the expected step forward following an impressive rookie outing. Just ask any Packer fan about the Davante Adams second-year-scare. Davante wasn't alone as his promising rookie season was following by a season plagued by dropped balls. Remember Jarrett Boykin? Most of us do... and do so for the wrong reasons. It's difficult to remember the promising performance that appeared to have secured Boykin the position of third receiver because it is so overshadowed by…

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