Defensive Player Analysis

You Decide…The Matthews / Peppers Duo Nickname

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Packernation steps up We put out a call to try to influence all of the NFL and in particular Packernation by giving the Clay Matthews/Julius Peppers defensive duo a nickname. The response was incredible and we want first to thank Packernation for all the great really stepped up. This is, of course, to be expected of fans of the greatest team in the history of the NFL.We had to close the poll out because the list was getting too long! The Candidates Guys, we have to pare down the list! Yes, I have my favorites but I want this to…

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Finally…the NFL Catches on…

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Wesseling on Peppers: I saw an article from Chris Wessleing come across the NFL app today about how Julius Peppers was excited to play opposite Clay Matthews as the best compliment he has ever had. Great article and the point was that Julius had spoken up...but a lot of us in Packernation have been excited about that for awhile. But as the Summer wears on and football gets closer...and closer...and closer...the excitement has got to grow. Packers fans...this is gonna be big! But that's just it...Packers fans have been excited about Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews since the signing, the…

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If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…Join ‘Em

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I cannot say enough for the extra dimension that Julius Peppers is going to add to the Packers' defense. Peppers is a "specimen" according to AJ Hawk and the players are saying he moves like a young player. With a healthy Clay Matthews and Peppers on the field, offensive coaches are coordinators will be hard pressed to find a solution to the quarterback pressure we will bring. But some may still wonder if the years Peppers has on his body won't catch up with him. I think Peppers is in the right place and am convinced that this season we…

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Mike McCarthy Press Conference: Rookie Orientation Day 1

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Mike McCarthy spoke to the media today briefly after rookie orientation, fielding questions about the new draft choices and undrafted free agents that Green Bay has brought on board. Here's the straight skinny from my point of view. In his usual no-nonsense demeanor, McCarthy answered questions as well as can be expected this early on in the process, saying that the goal of this orientation is to evaluate body movement, communication and the ability to process (more…)

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Julius Peppers: Will He Have More Sacks or Assists?

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Marc Sessler Reported today that Packers GM Ted Thompson is high on Julius Peppers and thinks he will be a force to be reckoned with on the Packers defense this coming season. I agree wholeheartedly. Opposing offenses are now going to have to "pick their poison". Focus on Clay Matthews...get Julius Peppers running down your quarterback...focus on Peppers and, know the rest. I think initially teams will focus on Matthews, requiring Peppers to prove himself, and prove himself he will. Julius Peppers, in that scenario, gets 10+ sacks next season. But what if teams shift the focus to Peppers? Then…

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