Defensive Player Analysis

Woodson Still Has It, But…

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Charles Woodson still has it. He's leading the league in INTs. I'm sure happy for him. I hated to see him go. But... Something's not quite right with this picture. (Or, maybe it's very right.) :)

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Will BJ Raji Return to Championship Form?

  2 years ago     118 Views     1 Comment  

Yesterday reported that B.J. Raji is down to 327 lbs. According to Raji himself, his weight hasn't been that low since college. Is this just an interesting tidbit of information or does it mean more for the Packers 2015 campaign? (more…)

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What I’ll be Watching at Training Camp

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The Packers enter this training camp as a dominant force in the league. But, we all know that there is still room for improvement. We've discussed several areas of improvement this off season but there's one that, should it improve drastically, could have a ripple effect of broader improvement. (more…)

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