Finally…the NFL Catches on…

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Wesseling on Peppers: I saw an article from Chris Wessleing come across the NFL app today about how Julius Peppers was excited to play opposite Clay Matthews as the best compliment he has ever had. Great article and the point was that Julius had spoken up...but a lot of us in Packernation have been excited about that for awhile. But as the Summer wears on and football gets closer...and closer...and closer...the excitement has got to grow. Packers fans...this is gonna be big! But that's just it...Packers fans have been excited about Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews since the signing, the…

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Schedule Released!

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So we've known since December who the Packers opponents will be and whether we will play them home or away, but tonight the NFL released the actual game schedules during a 3 hour special on the Network. Here is what I got from the Packers schedule: NFC North rivals: Packers fans know that Green Bay will play some good quarterbacks twice each this season against the Lions and the Bears...and after the draft, the Vikings may have a new quarterback as well...and yes, it makes us nervous because of the underachieving of our defensive backfield last season. But with some…

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Time to Bury the Hatchet?

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Word came out this week of a reunion that might have happened between Brett Favre and The Green Bay Packers last season, had not his Oak Grove high school team kept winning. It seems so many years ago that Packers GM Ted Thompson committed the unpardonable sin of trading Brett Favre. It isn't quite so far in the distant past that Brett Favre committed the unpardonable sin of going to the Vikings. But for one of the best quarterbacks the league has ever seen to NOT be reconciled with his team is the greatest sin of all. Let's remember the…

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Packernation Fan Fotos: January

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Well Packer Fan Fotos are finally here at GPN! We loved every pic and actually tried to include anything that we got from November or December as well. If we missed you, please drop us a line and ALWAYS remember to put "Fan Foto" in the subject line. Enjoy!Let's start with the future of the Pack in the stands and, maybe, on the field: "A" ta tha DORABLE! If this is the future...the future looks very bright indeed! But there are more kiddos also.       We also had a bunch of other Packer People...guys and gals:    …

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