Why I am a Packers Fan

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People become Packers fans for a lot of reasons. I hope at the end of this post that you will tell me how you became one. After the draft, I asked the question (to the chagrin of many Packers fans) "How many of you have become Packers fans this weekend". The reason for the question was that many people become Packers fans when a college player they love is drafted by the Pack. I don't care how anyone becomes a Packers fan...I love all Packers fans regardless of how they became one. Here is how I became one. (more…)

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The Packers Most Critical Game of 2015

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A lot of people in Packernation will have the week two matchup against the Seattle Seahawks circled on their calendars. For that matter...a lot of Packers players may have that matchup circled...those that are still with the team anyway. Mike Daniels has said that he is still mad about that loss and that he went back and was particularly upset about the stupid penalty he had in that game. The guy's a beast and a leader...takin' responsibility. Earlier, we polled Packernation to find out what divisional opponent might be able to give the Packers fits. But not everyone thinks that the Seahawks…

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Young Packers Fans Tell It Like It Is…

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Six year old Malia knows the score...she was heard saying this just outside Lambeau Field and in the shadows of Curly Lambeau and Vince Lombardi's statues...Packers fans start young...cuz Packers parents and grandparents make sure of it...who is with me! Just click more to see what Malia actually said... (more…)

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Packernation Poll: Follow-Up to the Special Teams Post

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In part 1 our our "Making the Special Teams Special" series, we looked at the kickoff return game for the Packers and compared the return yards in the first meeting with the Seattle Seahawks with the NFC Championship game against the same team. If you haven't read that post, you can check it out here. (more…)

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A.M. Quickslant: Poll Results on NFC North Competition

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Yesterday's Packernation poll asked the question, "Who can give the Packers a run in the NFC North?" The response was interesting to say the least (as it always is when Packernation gets talking about the team). I was interested to see that a question sent in to "Ask Vic" asked the same question. You can see his response here. Even with all the shakeup in the North in the last few years, there are still those who believe that divisional rivals who know how the Packers operate can still be thorns in our side.  (more…)

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