Packernation Poll: Who Will Give the Packers a Run?

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Today's Packernation poll is the result of a conversation I had during the draft. The question surrounded discussion of all the upheaval in the NFC North. With both the Lions and the Vikings having relatively new head coaches and now the Bears with a brand new one. The North has one team that seems to be neither in flux, nor rebuilding and that is the Green Bay Packers. (more…)

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Packernation Poll: Inside Linebacker

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The exits of Brad Jones and AJ Hawk this offseason were perhaps the most significant departures (along with Tramon Williams perhaps) for the Packers hopes of getting back to the NFC Championship to right the wrongs of last season. With BJ Raji back and new blood sweating on the field today in OTA's, Packernation should still feel good that the defense can pick up where it left off last season. But here is the question? Who will fill the bill at inside linebacker? (more…)

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Fair Winds and Following Seas: Our Thoughts For You On Memorial Day

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Last year on Memorial Day I posted in honor of my friend and serviceman John Cross (Rest in Peace). I think I will make it an annual post. There is so much to be learned from those who paid the ultimate price for freedom, but today one thing comes to mind. It is a saying that John used to close every email I ever got from him. I believe it to be a navy blessing..."Fair winds and following seas". Life is sometimes cruel and unfair. What better example of that than a soldier who falls in the fight for freedom?…

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CLICK to PICK: Viewing the Brett Favre Hall of Fame Induction at Lambeau

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Well, tickets to the Lambeau Field viewing of Brett Favre's Hall of Fame Induction have sold out. And I must say I am glad..for one, because a lot of people who wanted tickets got them and will get to share in the celebration (though second-hand). The other reason I am glad the tickets are sold out is because now I don't have to have this internal dialogue that has been going on for awhile now.  (more…)

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4th round pick Jake Ryan

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In the fourth round Thompson addressed the ILB position with Jake Ryan, OLB/ILB, from Michigan, Ryan played outside his first few years but switched over to the inside his senior year, in 12 games, making 12 starts he recorded 112 tackles, 14 TFLs, two sacks, two forced fumbles and one interception. the analyst say his weakness is he over-attacks and gets taken out of plays but I like that aggression as it brings a killer mentality to the middle of the field, will he make an impact this year? Only time will tell, he has to beat out last years…

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