Free Agency

PackerNation POLL: 3 Confounding Factors for the Packers’ Pick

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Prognosticators and pundits alike are squarely focused on the upcoming draft in 43 days. With free agency once again coming and going, the Packers' initial pick, in particular could be crucial but rather than coming into greater focus, the Packers draft situation seems rather foggy. Several questions come into play and must be on the mind of many in PackerNation. While we know that Ted Thompson will be focused on getting his board right, he is very good at keeping that information close to his vest, and that leaves a bunch of prospects out there that the Packers could pick…

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The Ripple Effect – 5 2016 Packer Matchups That Have Changed Drastically: Part 2

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Free agency once again changes the landscape of the 2016 season. The Jacksonville Jaguars can be considered one of the winners in free agency this year (whether or not it will pay off...different story) with the addition of Malik Jackson and Chris Ivory. Jackson got most of the press for his big contract, but the addition of Chris Ivory makes the Jacksonville offense look like it could really come into its own this year. (more…)

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Packernation POLL: Choose One or the Other and be Counted

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There was a lot of talk about how this off-season would be different for the Packers, but so far it is the same old same old...Ted Thompson has managed to keep a few of our own...guys who can't get any real money elsewhere. While at the same time PackerNation has watched playmaker after playmaker go to other teams, including Trevathan to the Bears, the same Bears who beat the Packers at Lambeau on the night Brett Favre's jersey was hung up for good.  (more…)

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