Free Agency

Packers Receive Compensatory Draft Picks

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The NFL's annual meeting in Arizona saw 14 teams receive a total of 32 compensatory draft picks. The choices are given to teams who have a net loss of free agents from the previous year (losing more this year than they acquired the year before) up to 4 picks max. Picks can also be awarded based to a team that loses a better player and acquires a lesser one (based on salary, playing time, awards and honors etc.) even though there is no net loss or gain. The placement of the picks also varies as part of the formula. (more…)

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Rumor Mill: Packers Looking to Add a Wide Receiver

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There have been rumors that the Packers have been serious about adding a veteran wide receiver this offseason. Am I the only one scratchin' my head over that? Names being dropped include Wes Welker and Greg Jennings saw fit to mention that he was open to a reconciliation with the Packers. The Jennings story sounds more like Greg desperately seeking another contract, willing to retract everything he ever said about the Packers and Aaron Rodgers in hopes of making some more money and having a chance to get another ring.  (more…)

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You Be The GM: VOTE for Who You Would Sign!

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This morning I mentioned a post that Chris Wesseling had put up about the remaining free agents that are considered "second tier", a term that may mean nothing more than that they have not been signed to huge contracts in the first week or two of free agency. We polled Packernation to see what position group the Packers and Ted Thompson should pursue in free agency. Here are the results: (more…)

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Thompson’s Forte: Value Versus Splash

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Ted Thompson has built a perennial contender and one-time (so far) champion by focusing on the draft, signing players who prove themselves, and once in awhile making a careful off-season acquisition. Most recently, Thompson acquired Julius Peppers after he had been released by the Bears because his contract got too bloated. Ted also brought in Charles Woodson and Ryan Pickett. So it is not fair to say that Ted Thompson does not sign free agents. But it is also true that Ted rarely if ever signs players during the free agent "frenzy". (more…)

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Come on Packers…Re-sign John Kuhn!

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Packers fans are all about gritty, no-nonsense football players and no one embodies that essence like John Kuhn. He's not flashy, he's not pretty but he is also NOT someone you want to have to deal with when it's 3rd or even 4th down and there's only a yard to go. John Kuhn doesn't run the ball often, but when he is needed, he delivers. And the Packers did need him last season, especially during a playoff run in which Aaron Rodgers was bothered by a tweaked calf. All of Packernation wants this guy signed, and not just because it…

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