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Do Strong-Legged Kickers Have a Real Advantage in the NFL

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McCarthy has been giving Mason Crosby more than ample time to overcome... whatever it is that Mason needs to overcome. One of the reasons McCarthy continues to be positive about Mason is that he has such a strong leg. He went out of his way to point out that Mason gets more height on his field goal kicks than Tavecchio. But just how important is a strong leg for a field goal kicker? I'm re-thinking that question. (more…)

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Training Camp Analysis: Defensive Line

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Ted Thompson is well-aware of his less-than-stellar track record of selecting defensive linemen in the draft. He whiffed on Justin Harrell in the first round of the 2007 draft and has yet to capture any sort of return on second-rounders Mike Neal and Jerel Worthy. And yet Thompson has maintained his status as a buyer at the position, nabbing UCLA star Datone Jones in this April’s draft. Jones’ ability to make an immediate impact on passing downs will be key to the defense’s success in 2013. Also instrumental in generating pass rush will be B.J. Raji, who is in his…

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Green Bay: Ideal for Vince Young Comeback

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I doubt anyone really questions Vince Young's talent and ability as a quarterback. Anyone who watched the Titans in 2006 and 2007 knows Vince is gifted and had a great deal of potential... potential that was derailed by some bad choices and some pretty serious distractions. Vince says he's matured greatly, but that brings up a couple questions. If Vince has matured why didn't things work out with the Eagles and Bills, and what might make things different in Green Bay? (more…)

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Training Camp Analysis: Running Backs

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                Often in search of three rushers just worthy of keeping on their 53-man roster, the Packers have a handful of running backs to choose from heading into the 2013 season. The competition centers around three veterans with varying degrees of health problems, and three rookies, each with a unique skill set. Due to the talent in other position groups, the number of running backs retained figures to be capped at four. As always, the coaching staff will keep an eye out for players who can also contribute on special teams. One player that has the ability to contribute as…

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The Packers and the Family Night Advantage

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When the Packers hit the field at family night, they will experience something most other teams in the league have no hope of experiencing. They will get a very near simulation of game day at Lambeau Field. Family Night is more than just another practice for the Packer players. Family Night is a distinct advantage in preparing for the season.  (more…)

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