Top 10 Brett Favre Plays

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Favre to Andre Rison …Jan. 1997  (54 yards, Super Bowl XXXI)… Favre to Sterling Sharpe …. Jan. 1994… (beats Lions in playoff)   Favre TD run vs. Falcons…Dec. 1994  (last game at County Stadium)   Favre to Antonio Freeman… Jan. 1997.. (80 yards, Super Bowl XXI)   Favre to Robert Brooks 1995… (99 yards vs. Bears)   Favre to Kittrick Taylor … 1992  (last-minute pass beats Bengals)   Favre to Freeman… 2000 (miracle catch beats Vikings)   Favre to Greg Jennings… 2007 (1st play of OT, beats Broncos)   Favre to Jennings … 2007 (breaks Dan Marino’s all-time touchdown record)…

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A Special Jerry Kramer Edition of BTN

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In 1958, a player would step onto the practice field of the Green Bay Packers and play a crucial role in one of the most dynamic franchise turn-arounds in NFL history. Drafted in the fourth round of the NFL draft that year, Jerry Kramer would soon display the type of work ethic that epitomized the 60s for the Packers and perfectly matched the coaching style of soon-to-be Packer head coach Vince Lombardi. To sign the petition to get Jerry Kramer into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, click here. (more…)

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Packers’ Best-Ever First Round Draft Picks

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The NFL draft is nearly here, which unfortunately conjures bad memories among Packers fans about all-time busts like Tony Mandarich, Ahmad Carroll, and Justin Harrell, to name but a few. But the Packers get their #1 pick right a fair amount, too, so this post focuses on the positive vibes it might send Ted Thompson’s way! So here are my choices for the Green Bay Packers' top round #1 draft picks of all time. (At one time, players could sign with any team they wanted, so that’s why you won’t see a player like Don Hutson on this list.) 10.…

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Sometimes You Just Guess Wrong

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In 1992, the Falcons traded with the Packers in a deal that brought Brett Favre to Green Bay. It was a decision that would change the face of the organization and bring, not only a franchise QB back to the frozen tundra but would wake a sleeping giant from its slumber. In 2005, 23 teams made the colossal blunder of passing over Aaron Rodgers in the draft. Each of those teams could have had the QB that will, by the end of his career, hold tons of NFL records. Each of these decisions favored the Packers in grand style. But,…

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