Offensive Player Analysis

What Excited Me About Family Night

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There are a ton of reasons Family Night excites me. Lambeau Field packed to the gills for the first time since the previous season Seeing the guys in full green and gold after a long football drought Getting our first real glimpse into what kind of team we'll be fielding in 2015 But, there was one highlight of the evening that shined above all others for me... Davante Adams' one-handed catch. (more…)

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Does a Ty Go to Montgomery?

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Ty Montgomery was a little late arriving at training camp, but he's not only made up for lost time, he's made quite a stir. Is it enough to unseat Adams for the number three receiver position, or is it just a lot of training camp hype? (more…)

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Jordy Nelson Cleared for Day One of Camp

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There wasn't really a lot of doubt in the mind of Packer Nation that Jordy Nelson would be ready to play in the season opener. No one really thought his off-season hip surgery would stop him from taking the field when the regular season arrived. But training camp... (more…)

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Green Bay Packers: Yards After Catch

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Jordy Nelson didn't get to touch the ball as often in 2014 as we would have like to, but, when he did get his hands on the ball, he made it count. His break-neck speed was frequently underestimated by opposing defensive backs. Randall Cobb is a different animal altogether. His elusive craftiness, and relatively small size, allows him to dodge in and out of traffic, always staying just out of reach until he can find the open field and turn on the jets. Both rank in the top 20 of receivers in YAC. But, there's another Packer player that joined…

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