Offensive Player Analysis

Head to Head: Will it be Broken?

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Elliot Harrison recently did a piece on NFL records that may never be broken. It runs counter to conventional wisdom to even think such a thing when, after all, "Rules are made to be broken." Maintaining a record has become increasingly difficult for quarterbacks as rule changes have favored the scoring of points. But Packernation has what could be one of the few exceptions. (more…)

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AM Quickslant: 2 Reasons Quarless Might Be Jobless

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The Packers issued a statement¬†¬†about the Andrew Quarless situation yesterday which really said nothing. Shortly after word came out, we made mention of the fact that the infraction might make it difficult for Quarless to maintain his position on the depth chart. The organization will wait until more information comes out before they make any decisions and that is rational...but here's reality.¬† (more…)

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Compare and Contrast: 2011 and 2015 Packer Receivers

  2 years ago     108 Views     2 Comments  

There has been a lot of talk lately about whether or not the 2015 Packers are better than the 2011 Packers. The answer to that question will depend on a lot of different things. But, one of the keys to the coming season will be the guys on the other end of the returning MVP's passes. Today I asked myself which group I thought was better. The question is not an easy one to answer. (more…)

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Brett Favre: “I Can Still Play”

  2 years ago     115 Views     5 Comments  

Brett Favre had some things to say about his ability at age 45. Speaking on Sports Illustrated's "Where Are They Now?" series, the former Packer said that though he couldn't do everything required to lead a team..he could still play. (more…)

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PM Quickslant: Eddie Lacy Redefines Yards After Contact

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Welcome to the NFL. It's a league in which defensive linemen are so good at their jobs that it's not enough for the line to blow a big hole and the team to staff a mediocre running back to hit said hole. One of the things we talked about at GPN prior to the Packers drafting Eddie Lacy was the fact that Lacy, despite the fact he's a huge back, was able to make people miss. Add to this the fact that the Packer offensive line has really developed nicely over the course of the 2014 season and it shouldn't…

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