Offensive Team Analysis

R&R Packers vs Browns

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The Pack is back with a win over the Browns by the second and third stringers and the team played rather well considering that. Raves: Offense Joe Callahan, a division III QB getting the start was a pleasant surprise. Just imagine the butterflies this kid had to have but he showed poise in the pocket and made good decisions with his passes. It might be my old eyes getting bad but it sure looked like Abby has added some much needed muscle in the off season, he looked very sharp in his route running as usual but he also looked…

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BTN: Where Will the Packer Pass Attack Rank in 2016?

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This question was asked during our live show on our GreenBay Packer Nation Facebook fan page. The actual question was whether the Packer passing attack would rank #3 in the league in 2016. I think that's a little bold for the 2016 season. Possible, but bold. Still, I think everyone in Packer Nation is confident that the passing attack will bounce back from it's 25th rank showing in 2015. But, just how high will they bounce? (more…)

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A Three-Way Race?

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Everybody knows that winning the division is job one in the NFL and within the division, no game is a gimme regardless of the opponent. So nobody is going to say that any game against a 2016 rival will be a given, certainly after last season when we lost to each division rival at home. But on the other hand, 2016 is a new season and the Packers look forward to having Jordy Nelson back and a fit Eddie Lacy along with Jared Cook to complement Aaron Rodgers on an offense that came within inches of going to the NFC Championship…

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Resurgence of the Packer Run Game

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Do we love the resurgence of the Packer running game, or what? At a time when our passing game really needed the running game to step up, it almost disappeared completely. Then, just when hope started to get dim, the foot soldiers start marching forward and taking possession of the territory before them. (more…)

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