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Quickslant: Former Badger Chris Borland Walks away From The Game After One Season

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It's St. Patrick's Day but the 49'ers have been dealt another stroke of bad luck. Chris Borland, the team's leading tackler and former Wisconsin Badger standout is retiring.Borland cited health concerns as the reason he is walking away from the game after just one season. Borland had experienced two concussions and reportedly thought he had a third during training camp, but did not report it as it may have hurt his chances for making the team.¬† (more…)

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Best Brett Favre Moments: Part 4

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Here's a little Saturday morning fun! This is a documentary about Brett Favre that you may have seen before but it is really amazing. It's a bit longer but it is a great way to start your Saturday! (more…)

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A.M. Quickslant: Five Days from a Reckoning

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When Sunday rolls around, the energy at Lambeau Field alone will be enough to power the smallest, most Title-endowed city in the NFL for a month. The Cowboys return to Lambeau for the first time since the Ice Bowl in 1967. It's the playoffs, win or go home and Packers fans have believed since before the season began that "one-and-done" would be no way to end the 2014 season. With that said, "Git 'er done" is the mantra as the Packers must take down the Cowboys Sunday afternoon. (more…)

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Records and Recap: Pack V Falcons

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In a game that left many Packers fans a little skittish, the mild-mannered leadership of Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers have become the Chinese Triad of the NFL. They lead the team that most other teams just lower their eyes and walk past on the other side of the street, hoping not to meet. Those that do come face to face may leave with their honor intact, but they leave losers nonetheless¬†especially¬†if the conflict takes place on Packers turf. All three of these guys have long term contracts, they're here to stay. They are all hard-working thinkers, and…

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These are the Games that Make NFL Football Great

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This afternoon's game is the kind of game that makes the NFL great. The rising star of Aaron Rodgers versus the Setting sun of Tom Brady. Two defenses evenly matched and at the same time we have to assume outmatched against two quarterbacks who have been called "future Hall of Famers". Running backs that know how to pound the ball and two teams that know how to win goes down NOW! (more…)

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