Training Camp 2014

AM Quickslant: Get Ready For Assault And Peppers

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There's an old saying in the NFL that has come en vogue again after last year's Super Bowl: "Offense wins games, defense wins championships". Within a defense, there is nothing more valuable than an elite pass rusher. Last year's Packers' defense put little pressure on quarterbacks in the absence of Clay Matthews...and we didn't win a championship. That is about to change. (more…)

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Not Lookin’ Back: 3 Reasons The Safety Position Will Improve

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Last season's defense was a sore spot for Packers fans. The injury bug bit harder than a hungry, Northern Wisconsin mosquito and the run defense had more holes than baby swiss. After the draft, and now with the start of training camp, it is becoming clear that the Packers have not left this position to its own devices but have moved with intentionality to improve what was the position of most need on the Packers defense, the safety position. Here are three reasons I believe  that the safety…

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AM Quickslant: Now It’s For Real, The Pads Come Off

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Well it is the first day of padded practice this morning and as you pour yourself that morning cuppa Joe on this Monday, may visions of big hits and flying helmets dance in your heads...wait...scratch that. May visions of big hits that DON'T cause injuries and the soon-to-be flying helmets of Seattle Seahawks dance in your heads. It makes a difference when the players put the pads on and today will be the first day of separating the men from the boys.  (more…)

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Quickslant: 2 Things NOT To Worry About

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Well day one of Packers Training Camp is in the books and what a great day it was. There was Packers news flying around all day. Some of it was pointed and accurate as an Aaron Rodgers pass and some of it random and erratic as a Jay Cutler interception, but all of it good because THE PACK IS BACK! There was so much joy that The Cheese ran a funny post about Santa Claus thinking he had missed Christmas in Green Bay. But the day was not without its concerns and so this morning I want to talk about those…

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AM Quickslant: What 2 Watch 4 – Ranking the Top Three Battles

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OK #packernation...listen...really close. You may have to open your front door and hold a hand to your ear. Or if you are a member of #packernation abroad, you may just have to listen with your heart that pumps green and gold blood through your veins. That sound is the sound of an air horn signaling the start of Packers Training Camp 2014! (more…)

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