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sbWell Family Night is sold out and Training Camp is right around the corner. Everybody ready for the Independance Day Holiday? There is a short run from there until football time and all of Packernation is like a coiled spring…just building tension and ready to go CRAZY when Packer football returns to bless the earth once more! In the meantime, it’s speculation and prediction time from now until August.

But first, how about a few reminders of what makes our team great. Here is a little review of last season in Lambeau Field Advantagevideo, I was gonna start with the quarterback position and show some wild Aaron Rodgers highlights but then it struck me…the game begins and ends with TEAM. It is a TEAM sport and every player and coach and even the fans are part of that team (if the fans weren’t part of the team…there would be no “home field advantage”).

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

So here are some TEAM highlights from the 2013 season:



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