CLICK to PICK: Who Will Drop?

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draft logoThe draft is just days away and there is always a player who drops significantly further than expected. Could the Packers be the beneficiary of such a surprise this year? The fall of Aaron Rodgers was one of the greatest draft boons in NFL history. Will there be a significantly valuable, surprise player at pick 30? Perhaps a pick that does not fill a need but has early to mid first round talent? 

When the Packers pick, at least one of these guys will still be on the board. Here is a list of the 2015 arodinvitees to the NFL draft in Chicago. This is your opportunity to pick a player that no one expects the Packers will have a chance at, a player who dropped significantly past his value point in the first round. Or, for that matter, you can take this opportunity to show who you wish would drop to the Packers at 30. The choice is yours, and you can make more than one selection if you wish:

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  1.   June 2, 2015, 3:26 pm

    Good read Brady, I have a feeling there will be some packages put in this year with run defense! Just imagine Bj in the middle with Daniels and Guion flanking him then have D. Jones and Peppers at bookends, That would be a stout line to get by.

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