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Well last night Aaron Rodgers was named number 11 of the top 100 players in the league by the players Packers vs Giants Offensive Linethemselves. Out…of the…top ten??? Suffice it to say that the ONLY reason Aaron wasn’t in the top five was because of the collarbone injury that sidelined him for half the season.

The Green Bay Packers are perennial contenders largely due to the play of the quarterback and Aaron Rodgers, while being a very different quarterback from Brett Favre, is yet another Packer with HOF potential. Just remember the difference between the games we knew we should win (when Aaron was under center) and the games we hoped we would win (while Aaron was sidelined).

This season has become electric before it even began largely because Packers fans know when the pieces fall into place. We have known that we were a couple impact players (or healthy young draftees) short of getting past the ‘Niners and we know that we start this season going to Seattle, home of the Super Bowl Champs and we know that we can win that game!

And whether we do or not will have a LOT do do with how Aaron Rodgers plays. Here are some highlights from last season:

So Packernation, it will begin soon. Soon we will see our beloved Aaron Rodgers once again take the field to amass an air assault on the Seattle Seahawks. And there are other players to be excited about and other reasons to be excited…but for now, just know that we have the best quarterback in the business and warm up your vocalizer to shout…



Click Here to get Pumped: Aaron Rodgers — 3 Comments

  1. I believe this will be Aaron’s best season as the GREENBAY PACKERS will win another SUPER BOWL in the Rodgers era we are filling in the pices and once again we will have a good supportive second and third teams. The coaches will have them all ready to fill in when needed.

  2. We are flying under the radar, until we go to Seattle and punch them in the face and get payback for the Failed Mary fiasco, Seahawk Bationthat rumbling you hear in the distance is tha ass kicking that’s going to be delivered on opening night …… At YOUR HOUSE!!!! GO PACK GO!!!

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