Compensatory Picks Handed Out

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Packers general manager Ted Thompson has been known as a “draft and develop” GM since the beginning. ttNot known for spending on top-tier free agents nor often a trade up kind of guy, Thompson has built a young, deep team that has even won a Super Bowl with six starters on IR. This mentality, along with the stellar pickup of one Aaron Rodgers to solidify the quarterback position for the long term (as long as we keep him healthy…knock on wood) has made the Green Bay Packers a perennial playoff team and yearly contender. But the Packers are also a team with holes…especially in the defensive backfield.

Right now, the draft talk is heating up and last night the 2014 compensatory picks were announced. According to CBS Sports the Packers have received an additional 3rd round pick (the highest compensatory pick available) along with a fifth round compensatory pick.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

With a total of nine picks and especially an extra pick in the third round, the Packers could continue to shore up a suspect defense or perhaps find a replacement for Jermichael Finley if the Packers decide that his neck fusion is too big of a risk vs. his performance/production. This year’s draft seems to be deep in the Packers’ area of need and that might help since Ted Thompson drafts the “best player available” with consideration of team need as secondary.

The draft seems forever away but it is really right around the corner. Now with a solid number on how many picks they will have, the Packers front office can start putting together what should be a very solid draft. Let the speculation begin!

Go Pack!


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