Daily Sim: Thompson Trades Out of Round One

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With the draft looming, we have started a live simulation on Good Packer Nation Morning with the fans making the picks. If you have not gotten your pick in, you can do so here. But one of the things we are not able to do in our simulation is make a trade. A lot of people would like to see the Packers trade, either up or down but in this simulation run on firstpick.com, Thompson trades down (big thanks to Ravuama for introducing me to first pick) and stockpiles picks for later rounds. This is generally the direction Thompson likes to trade though he has done more trading up of late. Here is how the simulation ran:

In this simulation, TJ Watt is off the board and the Packers think they can get their guy at cornerback later. The Indianapolis Colts call with an offer of two second round picks (14,17)  and a third and forth to take the late first round pick from the Packers (they must love Taco Charlton, their pick)…Ted jumps at the chance and the Packers patience gives them two picks each in rounds 2,3,4,and (with the comp pick) 5. Then, after waiting through the first round, Packers fans can only scratch their heads as Thompson takes Alex Anzelone the oft-injured linebacker out of Florida. Many people are keeping an eye on Anzelone for his athleticism but…first round? You have to be kidding! (simulator grade: C+) But there are nine more picks to get it right and Thompson does so at the end of round two.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

With what can only be considered a reach with the first pick in round two, Thompson comes back and gets Adoree Jackson just a few picks later and Packer Nation begins to settle down. Jackson has 4.4 speed but is shorter than the prototypical Thompson pick at cornerback. It must be the special teams element, and the fact that the bigger CB’s were off the board that made Jackson BPA (simulator grade: A-)

In terms of players, the third round for the Packers was a home run in this simulation. At pick 16 (from IND) the Packers get the embattled Joe Mixon, who has fallen down draft boards because of character issues. The Packers must have been satisfied with their meeting with Mixon before the draft but regardless, get a player that could have been an early to mid first round pick at one point. Let’s hope he has changed his ways but the simulator grades this pick an A+.

Later in the third, the Packers pick up another weapon for Aaron Rodgers who is surprisingly still hanging around. Thompson is known to keep the hopper of wide receivers full and the pick, Zay Jones garners another A+ from the simulator.

The first round four pick (14 IND) also garners an A+ as the Packers are able to get Vanderbilt tackle Will Holden. Holden may not quite have the kick slide to play tackle in the NFL but must be intriguing as a possible guard convert.

Then comes another poser…Thompson seems to get off-picks at times at the linebacker position and once again at pick 27 in round

Eddie Lacy vs Vikings

Can the Packers find a Lacy replacement in this year’s draft?

four, takes what has to be seen as a need pick, Ben Boulware ILB from Clemson (simulator grade D-). And the choices get slimmer and the importance of the last few picks becomes greater, especially since no one is really convinced that the pass-rush situation has necessarily been addressed. Thompson ends fairly strong:

  • Round 5, pick 28 – Damontae Kazee, CB San Diego St. (B+)
  • Round 5, pick 38 (Comp) – Sam Tevi, OT Utah (B)
  • Round 6, pick 28 – Amba Etta-Tawo, WR Syracuse (B)
  • Round 7, pick 29 – Alek Torgersen, QB Pennsylvania (B-)

The round 7 pick of a quarterback signals the intent of Thompson to trade Brett Hundley after next year. With several compensatory picks likely, the addition of value from a trade for Hundley could mean the Packers have another stacked draft next year as well.

So that is how the simulator saw it, with some Ted Thompson head-scratchers thrown in. Overall, Thompson scores just a shade over a B overall according to the simulated grades. But what do you think? It was a fun exercise and truly showed how crazy draft day could be. Interesting to me was the amount of capital that the Colts were willing to part with for the Packers late first rounder. I like the trade and I like Anzelone…just not that early. This draft has its question marks but could fill some needs at cornerback and running back if the picks pan out.

Go Pack!


Brady Augustine is co-owner and content creator for www.greenbaypackernation.com. He currently resides in Tennessee and also conspires with brother, JR on www.cheesnewswire.com

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