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Davante Adams or Jeff Janis?

If there was one thing I could change in the game against the Chicago Bears, it would be Davante Adams dropping the ball. If the Packers could have changed that one thing, it would have made all the difference in the game.

That brings up the question of whether Adams should continue to start, or if it’s time for him to be supplanted by Jeff Janis.

Sit Davante Adams?

Aaron threw Adams the ball 11 times against the Bears and, of those times, Adams only caught the ball twice. That’s absolutely atrocious!

If Adams had caught the ball just two more times, this whole conversation would be different. He dropped two would-be touchdowns that would have been the difference in the game. Four catches for 11 targets is not good, but we would’ve given him a pass if he had caught the crucial ones

Start Jeff Janis?

There’s a reason Jeff Janis hasn’t played much this season. He runs sloppy routes and doesn’t seem to be in sync with Aaron Rodgers very often. However, the two catches he’s reeled in have been for substantial yardage. The reason for that of course is that Jeff Janis’ speed stretches the field.

So, even if Aaron doesn’t target Janis much, the fact that teams would have to respect his speed, and the fact that he would drag multiple defenders deep would be an asset to the team. Plus, Janis may just need time and reps with Aaron to start getting in sync and step up as a receiver.


So what do you think. Is it time for Janis to step forward as the starting receiver, or does Davante Adams need time and reps to get his rhythm back?