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Eddie Lacy Spotted Pulling a Mark “Snack-chez” on the Sidelines

You’re not gonna believe this folks…Eddie Lacy tankin’ up on some sustenance in week four of the pre-season before the big season opener against the Green Bay Packers. Lacy didn’t have staying power in Green Bay because of weight and injury issues. Well, that is NOT a rice cake ladies and gentlemen of Packer Nation.

We all remember when Mark Sanchez was caught nomin’ a hotdog in the game against the Raiders in ’09. Well, this one is not only surprising but ironic in light of Lacy’s “China Food” fetish. We just had to put this one in front of Packer Nation for review and snarky comment. And a BIG thanks to Roger for sending this gem along…

The picture was taken by a friend of a friend and is a bit fuzzy but I think that’s a HOTDOG! Take a look and let us know what you think…ha!

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