EXTRA! EXTRA! The Extra Point

It has been widely reported that the NFL competition committee is entertaining the possibility of moving theimgres extra point from the 2 yard line to the 25 yard line. This compromise from earlier reports that Roger Goodell wanted to eliminate the extra point is getting SERIOUS consideration folks. If this goes through (admittedly, still a big IF):

1. Imagine the strategic difference between consideration of a two point conversion against a 42-43 yard extra point (the distance if the extra point were placed at the 20) especially in stadiums like Lambeau, where the weather is a factor.

2. Imagine, sitting on the edge of your seat in a Wildcard game against the 49’ers and they have come to within one point with a touchdown but have to kick a 43 yard extra point to tie it and it’s minus 20 degrees with 10+ mile an hour winds in the face of the kicker. If the Niners try a two point conversion and fail, they lose. If they try an extra point and make it, it is only a tie and Green Bay still has a chance. But it could be a miss…

3. Imagine the division of records (one set for those before the rule change and one after) that would preserve records set by players who kicked while also playing other positions ie. football players. And those that exclusively kick and dedicated long snappers can work on a new set of records that pertain to today’s era where the kicking game is so far removed from the rest of the game.

Well, I see one of two camps forming on this one: The purists will want things to stay the same and I respect that. But for the sake of some guys who ran the ball or played other positions and ALSO kicked for the team back in an era when there were not dedicated long snappers, I am for a change and a division. I think a 43 yard PAT is reasonable because while it tempts coaches to focus on the 2 point conversion and develop that part of the game, it does not push the PAT back so far that the 2 point conversion becomes the norm.

The kicking game is so different now, I think a change is in order. And this compromise, to me, is a good one.

Go Pack!


EXTRA! EXTRA! The Extra Point — 5 Comments

  1. Not sure how they get the 42-43 yards, that’s some fuzzy math to me. 10 yards for the end zone, 7.5 yards to the holder, puts it at 37.5/38 yards…

    • You’re definitely not alone John. I think it’s less crazy to get rid of the extra point altogether if it is hit 99.6% of the time and just make a touchdown worth 7 points. But I totally understand people not wanting to monkey with the game. Thanks for the comment.

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