FA Head to Head Poll #1: A Couple Top-Tier Free Agent Linemen

The Packers look to make some moves this off-season. Needs include cornerback, OLB, and RB. Here is our first in a series of head to head polls that we will use to get a final picture of where PackerNation wants the team to go. Each head to head poll winner will be added to a final poll as the free agent period begins. Here is the first:

While defensive lineman may not be a big need, it would certainly be nice to get a difference-maker up front alongside Mike Daniels. If the Packers take a top-tier guy here…they would have a nice 3-4 front with Daniels and Clark and one of these guys. Clark could take the place of LeTroy Guion, and the Packers did what they could contract-wise in the event they want to move as a lot of Guion’s contract is tied up in bonus money that has to be earned on the field. Guion had a decent season in ’16 but an upgrade would help everyone from the linebackers to the defensive backfield. Then the Packers could add another lineman in the draft to add depth.

So here’s the first poll…a couple of guys that may be long-shots for the Packers but would add disruption at the position where the battle is won…the trenches.

Dontari Poe

Dontari Poe has been a big part of the reason the Kansas City defense is the team’s bright spot and the reason they are in the post-season year after year. A big, powerful force in the middle, Poe also has improved in his ability to get to the quarterback. He will command a big contract coming off his rookie contract, but he is still young and would be a fantastic complement to Mike Daniels and Kenny Clark.

Calais Campbell

Whether he played defensive end or OLB, Calais Cambell would help a Packers defense that struggled to get to the quarterback last year. On a roster that included Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews…the Packers team leader in sacks was Nick Perry who played most of the season with a club on his arm. Campbell, at 6’8″ and 300 pounds would be the perfect replacement for Julius Peppers if he decides to retire, or the team could play him at the DE position in front of Matthews to wreak havoc on opponent’s quarterbacks.

FA Head to Head Poll #1: A Couple Top-Tier Free Agent Linemen
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One thought on “FA Head to Head Poll #1: A Couple Top-Tier Free Agent Linemen

  • March 9, 2017 at 11:28 pm

    I am a lifelong packer fan, so you all know just how frustrating this time of year is ! I think we have about a five year window to win a championship with the best quarterback in football , so why doesn’t Ted Thompson actually try to make the team better? We always lose important players, and very seldom add any. If we need to add an accomplished corner or a cover linebacker, why not make your team better and sign one! I sit here and watch New England sign any player that is a need to their team, and all they do is win championships about every other year. Ted, I can’t wait till you retire, so maybe we can get a G.M. in here that will try to actually make the packers better! Just because you think your stubborn way is the right way, doesn’t actually mean that it is! Last year we lose our two running backs and what do the packers do, they put a wide receiver back there! O.M.G, that’s pathetic! Ted it’s a good thing you have Aaron Rodgers to cover up all of your bad decisions!


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