Finally…the NFL Catches on…

Wesseling on Peppers:

I saw an article from Chris Wessleing come across the NFL app today about how Julius Peppers was jpexcited to play opposite Clay Matthews as the best compliment he has ever had. Great article and the point was that Julius had spoken up…but a lot of us in Packernation have been excited about that for awhile. But as the Summer wears on and football gets closer…and closer…and closer…the excitement has got to grow. Packers fans…this is gonna be big! But that’s just it…Packers fans have been excited about Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews since the signing, the NFL is just now catching up. But there is a question still left to be answered. And I think it should be answered by Packernation.

A Question Remains

The question mark in the scenario of Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers is NOT whether they will be a dangerous duo…a terrorizing tandem. The question is not whether Matthews will be back to full speed…he will though it will take some time. It is not whether Peppers still has any gas in the tank…this guy is primed! The question is one that has plagued humankind for centuries and it is before us now, Packernation. A lot is dependent on how we answer this question…money…fame…the very shape of the future. And that question is…

What Will Packernation Call the Matthews/Peppers Duo?

clayIn the history of the NFL, great nicknames follow great players. Clay Matthews has made a name for himself “the Claymaker” and Peppers has been called “Pep”, “Big Head”, and “The Freak”. But what will we call these two as they unleash Hell on the NFC North and anyone who stands in their way…starting with the reigning Super Bowl champs?

Packernation Weigh In!

Weigh in Packernation! What should we call this holy terror of a Tazamanian Devil carrying a Claymore sword? Can’t wait to see what you come up with in the comments below. Go Pack!



Finally…the NFL Catches on… — 44 Comments

    • Secondary gets Shields back and Tramon Williams…and drafted Ha Ha Clinton-Dix! They will be fine. And don’t forget that Daniels and Jones are coming on and BJ Raji is moving back to NT where he belongs! Send us and idea for a nickname for the Matthews/Peppers combo and we post the best ones for Packernation to choose!

  1. ……Announcer bellows over the loud speaker; as the apposing quarterback hit the turf
    that’s why they call em……”
    -“WIGS AND HURTCHAUGH” (Briggs and Murtaugh from LETHAL WEAPON)
    -“One makes him hurt and the other made him leave on a gurney, that’s why they call em BURT and ERNIE!”

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