Forgotten Need Filled?

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imgresEven though it is painful to read, most post-draft grades are going to be given solely on the basis of what needs each team filled and with how good a player(s) they filled them. In packernation, we all know that Jared AbbrederisTed Thompson does NOT draft for need unless two players are very closely ranked…then he will take need over best player available. Thompson made it clear that this is exactly the way this year’s draft played out, explaining why the Packers ended the draft with three wide receiver choices as that was the deepest position in this year’s draft.

There are some who would have liked to see the Packers draft another defensive player rather than take those three receivers but I am not one of them for a couple reasons:

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1. The NFL is a pass-weighted league. With the best quarterback in the business, it is always important to keep fresh talent at the wider receiver position and this year’s influx of receivers is as exciting as any I’ve seen. Adams, Abbrederis, and Janis will make it very possible for the Packers to again have the best wider receiver corps in all of football…oh, and we now have a running game headed by Eddie Lacy!

2. Two of the drafted receivers (possibly along with undrafted free-agent running back LaDarius Perkins) will compete for return duties for the Pack. Jared Abbrederis and Jeff Janis could be the answer to this largely overlooked Packers need. The Packers have not found a viable return man to replace Randall Cobb and Cobb is TOO VALUABLE to continue to risk at that position. Just think if one of these rookies can take the Packers’ average kick returns from 17.8 yards per to over 20 yards per, that could be huge for an offense that is already intimidating. I’m not saying that we drafted the next Desmond Howard here, but what I am saying is that if we get improvement in the return game with a receiver from this draft, it more than makes up for the one possible extra defensive pick that we could have had.

Well, the picks are in the books and the undrafted free agents are already being signed for this weekends rookie orientation. How excited are you for this coming season Packernation? Let us know via Facebook or post a comment below.

Go Pack!

Forgotten Need Filled?

One thought on “Forgotten Need Filled?

  • May 14, 2014 at 1:15 pm

    I love our pick’s this year. I believe we will have the best WR squad in the NFL not onle with our vet’s but our rookie’s as well not to mention our new TE Thompson this kid catch’s everything thrown at him. I do not know to much about the RB we picked up but we are pretty stellar in the backfield already with Lacy,Starks,Franklin, and Kuuuuuuuuuhn 🙂 Go Pack


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