Was Greg Jennings a Sucker for Going to the Vikings?

Greg JenningsMy friend Ray Rivard (aka apackphan) over at Lombardi Ave has a great blog. Definitely something you need to add to your daily reading list. Tons of good stuff all the time.

Most of the time, Ray and I see absolutely eye-to-eye on the Packers. That said, today was one of the very rare instances when he and I have differing opinions.

In his article Greg Jennings, You’re a Sucker, Ray suggests that Jennings’ decision to move to Minnesota for more money rather than stay in Green Bay for more Super Bowl rings was a bad move.

If Greg didn’t already have a Super Bowl ring in his possession, there would be no question that Ray is right. Every NFL player strives for that ring and a chance to hoist the Lombardi trophy aloft. Real competitors continue pursuing that goal until the day they retire.

However, Greg already has a Super Bowl championship under his belt.

Jennings is now on the downside of his career and making as much money as possible is his primary objective now. Add to that the fact that the Vikings’ wide receiving corps is atrocious, and he’s also assured of not only getting playing time but of also being the #1 receiver on the Vikings squad (something very uncertain with other teams).

This was a simple business move on Greg’s part. While my green and gold glasses say “a true Packer never turns his back on his team,” if I set aside the glasses, the fact of this business decision becomes very clear.

What do you think? Was this just a financial decision by Greg or is he truly a sucker?


Was Greg Jennings a Sucker for Going to the Vikings? — 6 Comments

  1. On Jennings, yes he was a sucker to go to Vikings. Adrian Petersen will get 90 % of the plays. sure he will catch some passes, but sadly his career will fade.

  2. Greg was offered pretty much the same money he signed with the Viks at start of training camp with Pack in 2012..

    So yeah, Greg could have had the same money, and better chances to win another SB

  3. Jennings’ contract with the Vikings is for five years at $1M more than the amount the Packers reportedly offered him.

    I don’t know. I guess if I was making $45M I might think “what’s $5M more,” but $5M is still a lot of money.

  4. ANY PERSON GOING FROM ” THE CROWN JEWEL OF THE NFL and the BEST FRANCHISE IN NFL HISTORY to the greenhouse of the north and one of the WORST franchises is in my book a “SUCKER and A FOOL”!

  5. Since Mr.J is married with kids, he had no need to leave for big city attractions, as some might have. With Rodgers in his prime and management going after running backs and potential defensive pro bowlers, he had it extremely good in Green Bay. The difference between $40 million and $45 million is kinda silly, and with endorsements piling in as a Packer and perhaps lost as a Viking, completely insignificant. He would have enjoyed a Donald Driver type career and life-long relationships in Green Bay. Greed destroys.

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