Haters Gonna Hate…There Was Only One Number 4

Well, the response of Packernation to the question of whether it was time to bury the hatchet was overwhelming! Here’s why there’s only one number 4. All the TD’s in order through 2010 (except ’02 & ’06). Oh, and let me warn you, it might make you late getting back from lunch break, yeah, there’s that many:



Haters Gonna Hate…There Was Only One Number 4 — 23 Comments

  1. It is time to give Brett Favre the honor he deserves for giving Green Bay all he could give for 16 year, weather he was hurt and in pain or sorrow. He never missed a game no matter what. He was an “iron man” and much fun to watch play. I enjoyed every game and found myself cheering for him as much as cheering for the Packers. He is and always will be a Packer, and much loved.

  2. I watched Brett Favre throughout my childhood, and then I got to watch my son cheer for him during his last years in GB. I have never held a grudge–he wanted to play in GB and would have continued if given the chance. It’s time for us to bring him back into the fold and give him all the accolades he deserves. #4 will always be a Packer.

  3. Give Brett the honor he deserves. No. 4 will always be remembered with admiration and love in our hearts. Once a Packer always a Packer. He had dedication like no other. We love you Brett!!

  4. Brett Favre was and always will be our family Hero!! My son even named his 2nd child after him!! I was born a Packer fan back in 1961 and I will die a Packer Fan!!! Brett Favre put Green Bay back onto the map!! I t is time to retire his number and give him the honors & all the respect he has rightly earned and deserves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love to you and yours Mr. #4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Brett Favre Will Always Be Packer’S Best. No One Will Ever Be As Good And Explosive As Brett. Bring Him Back As A Coach. The Packers Will Be Back On Top. Never Had A Grudge, Never Will. #4 Is Brett Favre. Love Ya, Man ..

  6. Loved you then, love you still. You deserve to be respected in Green Bay, you never showed your other self until you became a Jet or a Viking. But what happened there can’t erase all the good you did for Green Bay, the Packers, and all your devoted fans. You are still the #1 quarterback in my book, but Aaron is running a close 2nd. Come on Green Bay, give him the greatest welcome possible when he returns to Green Bay and his beloved Packers. After all, we dropped him, he didn’t leave us. Welcome back Brett

  7. No one will ever surpass all the records he made and play without missing ONE game in 16 years! That is just crazy. He brought the Packers back making them the great team they still are today. He was Aaron Rodgers mentor, and look at how great he is today. . . due to Brett. Bring him back and give him the honor he so rightly deserves, the greatest Green Bay Packer quarterback EVER! Love you Brett.

  8. Brett gave us some of our best FB memories ever. Loved his book. Packer FB was never more fun and exciting than when he led The Pack. I’ll never forget the Monday night game after Brett’s Dad passed away. Phenomenal game. Makes me tear up just to think about it. Nobody’s perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. My best to Brett and his family. My hat is off to Brett for spending time working with kids on the FB field – very inspiring. Thanks for all the memories and fun. God Bless.

  9. I do not think you Packer fans remember the best quarterback the Packers ever had. Bart Starr took us to many championships and the first 2 upper bowls. Farve deserted us. Rodgers without as good of defense has won just as many as Farve has. Think about that.

  10. i am a78 year old with 9 kids i love brett always will.cant say the same for mike and ted. i blame them for brett leaving. there is only 1 number 4 this will never change. watched the game 4 years its just not the same any more.

  11. There is too much drama on both sides – they both need to grow up and get over their past differences. It is time now to retire his jersey to give credit to his contributions and accomplishments.

  12. 4 resurrected a moribund franchise and was the face of the team. He and 12 have the same number of superbowl wins (15 has 2). He’s contented with what he did; all packer fans need to be as well. Now lets find the next Reggie White and get back to the superbowl.

  13. People blame Brett for having a huge ego but we are the ones who gave him that ego.I think Rodgers is going to go down as one of the best Quarter backs in NFL history probably surpassing many of Farve’s records.But Brett was so much more fun to watch and even if you were down by 14 with 8 minutes left I always thought don’t count Brett out I always thought we could still win this.And Brett seemed like a guy you could see in a bar and have some beers with Rodgers seems like he would be in a wine bar and snooty that you bothered him.I hope TT doesn’t make us chose who we love more him or Brett because I don’t think he would like the answer.

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