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Aaron Rodgers Interceptions INTsThe Packers look to go 3-0 and that would bode well for the lofty goals of the team. In 1996, the Packers went 3-0 and finished the season 13-3 and the Brett Favre-led Packers won the Super Bowl for the first time since the Lombardi era. There is no question what is on the Packers’ bucket list this year and going 3-0 against a very good Kansas City team would bode well. But a win tonight would also bode well for the Packers’ shorter term goal of winning the division. With a win, the Packers will stay a full game ahead of the Minnesota Vikings with both head-to-head matchups still to come including the final game of the season. 

Vikings the team to watch

With both the Lions and the Bears at 0-3 as of yesterday, the Vikings are the team to watch in the NFC North. The Packers already have a head-to-head win against the 41VD7J4037L._SX425_Bears and the Lions look like…well…the Lions. But while the Vikings have a loss, they are looking better all the time. The play of Teddy Bridgewater has been playing solid football and Adrian Peterson got his first touchdown (2 total) of the season yesterday and appears to be hitting his stride. A.D. ended the day with 126 yards and 2 touchdowns on 20 carries for a 6.3 yard average. The Packers will need to take note that Peterson will be a force to be reckoned with come November.

The Vikings’ defense has really come on for them and gave the Chargers fits yesterday holding one of the best quarterbacks in the league to one touchdown and an interception. Chad Greenway had an interception of Philip Rivers and Anthony Barr added a sack. The Vikings seem to be ready to win games this season with a combination of hard hitting defense and the running game complemented by sound if not exemplary quarterback play.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

It’s not just for 3-0

So the Packers play for a 3-0 start, but they also play to avoid falling even with the Minnesota Vikings in the division. Add to that the fact that Aaron Rodgers wants to notch another victory against a team he has yet to beat and the fact that the Chiefs have never lost (3-0-1) in the regular season at Lambeau Field, and this game takes on new significance. Oh, and did I mention that the Chiefs are a good team?

But I think this year’s Packers are up for the challenge. It will be an exciting night and hopefully one that ends in a big victory for the Packers. Let me know if you are pumped for this big time game in the comments below or back on the Facebook Fanpage.

Go Pack!


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  1.   November 12, 2015, 8:23 pm

    I’m not confident enough to predict a blowout, but I think we right the ship in the win/loss columns and start to build some valuable momentum. Stafford has the weapons to make this a shootout, and the Lions D is still pretty good. I’ll go with 27-24 Packers. 🙂

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