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Hot Read: Mike McCarthy Press Conference

Mike McCarthy addressed the press moments ago. Here is a rundown of the highlights in case you missed the live conference.


The lion’s share of the questions were about injuries. Coach McCarthy explained that with it being Friday, they would have meetings and that he was hoping for continued good news on the injury front. Here is a quick rundown:



The coach was asked a couple of questions about the matchup. One was whether he was Ok with defensive line if BJ Raji couldn’t go and might perhaps be looking to make a move. The coach seemed to take offense at the question stating, “I don’t know why would I even answer that question.”, he further explained that they would have a healthy team on the field Sunday.

Coach was very happy with the way Letroy Guion has stepped back into his role. “Letroy has jumped right into it” and “Definitely beeen a presense”, which may be important in Sunday’s game if BJ can’t go.

The coach was not concerned that the team was “middle of the pack” (18th) in third down conversion percentage. And indicated that they were giving no special attention to third down conversion rates. Coach reiterated that the team was 5-0.

Let’s look for them to keep it that way going into the bye week.

Go Pack!