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Hot Read: Packers Will Face Fisher at Right Tackle

Kansas City head coach Andy Reid told reporters on Saturday that their first round draft pick from 2013, Eric Fisher, will start at right tackle against the Packers. The MAC Conference standout played at Central Michigan from 2009-2012 and was drafted to help protect Alex Smith. Fisher’s rookie season was less than stellar but the 2015 season has brought struggles of its own.

Fisher has only taken 3 snaps through the first two games due to an ankle injury. It was reported (and then quickly denied by Andy Reid) that Fisher himself requested to sit out of the week one matchup with the Texans because he could not handle JJ Watt. Fisher was originally a left tackle but the Chiefs switched him to the right. He will be wearing number 72 and likely be thrown a barrage of pressures from Clay Matthews on passing downs. Nick Perry may also have a chance to shine as well depending on the rotation.

Fisher, for all intents and purposes, was a serviceable but at times pedestrian right tackle in the NFL. The Chiefs are hoping to get a boost by having him back as the starter and hope his return will bode well for the success of Jamaal Charles. At the same time, the Packers will look to exploit and confuse a young player who will not be 100%. It all goes down tomorrow night.

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Go Pack!