If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…Join ‘Em

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I cannot say enough for the extra dimension that Julius Peppers is going to add to the Packers’ defense. Peppers is a “specimen” according to AJ Hawk and the players are saying he moves like a young player. With a healthy Clay Matthews and Peppers on the field, offensive coaches are coordinators will be hard pressed to find a solution to the quarterback pressure we will bring.

But some may still wonder if the years Peppers has on his body won’t catch up with him. I think Peppers is in the right place and am convinced that this season we will see Peppers redeviva. Here’s why:

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense
  1. The Packers have more pieces in place around Peppers on defense.
  2. The Packers are going to let Peppers do what he wanted to do from the start…move around and play multiple positions.
  3. The Packers have structured Peppers’ contract as a “pay for play” in that he was paid almost entirely in signing bonus this season and only counted 3.5 M against the cap. Next season, however, he will count 12 M against the cap if Green Bay decides to keep him. He must play to that value.
  4. I think we will see the young Peppers because his age says that this is his shot at making his mark on the league. How ’bout back-to-back Super Bowl victories…

Just can’t wait to see what Peppers does in league with the other, younger players on this defense. Could be special. Check out the highlights vid below and see what we will get when Julius Peppers rediscovers his youthful passion for football…then factor a Claymaker in and…well…it will be up to the opponents to do the math!

Check out these highlight videos that ask the question of whether Peppers is done…well…they didn’t know that the last chapter was gonna be in Green Bay. If you can’t beat ’em…join ’em!




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