GreenBay Packer Nation

Into the Second Quarter…

The Packers entered the second quarter of the 2014 season in style, putting up 42 points on the Vikings while only allowing 7, and those came in garbage time. It is easy to blow off a win such as that because of the absence of Teddy Bridgewater. But keep in mind that the Vikings put up 41 on the Atlanta Falcons the game before. The Vikings are a team with some weapons and their running game, in particular, was effective in the absence of Adrian Peterson.

So the Packers have what Mike McCarthy has termed a “mini bye”, skipping Sunday with an authoritative win under their belts. This bodes well for the Packers as they continue into the second game of the second quarter after a string of games versus the NFC North that started with a fizzle in Detroit. 

After losing to the Lions, the Packers ran the rest of the proverbial “table” bouncing back against the Bears in a game that began as a shootout and ended as a bear hunt. The Vikings game was domination from start to finish. The Packers, as a result, find themselves on an upward trend with extra rest going into the Dolphins game. Packer fans, on the other hand, will be paying attention to the Lions game…hoping for a loss that would square the records up and make the head to head matchup at Lambeau at the end of the season a last resort chance to one up the Lions if we can’t overtake them before then.

While Packers fans (knock on wood) are watching a less injured Packers team play this year, there are still some injured players that the team would like to have back. When was the last time anybody heard anything about Tretter? Jarrett Boykin has been out with a groin injury and Clay Matthews has been hampered by one, and Mike Daniels injured his ankle in his dominating performance over the Vikings. All of these players, along with Josh Boyd, can use the extra days of rest but will be needed as more marquee games against worthy opponents come around.

But all in all, the Packers are a team on the upswing. The offense is starting to sync and look like the electric unit we have come to expect, the defense has begun to find its identity, and the team is healthier than it has been in awhile. With the Dolphins, Panthers, and Saints on the horizon through the remainer of the second quarter, the Packers need the rest. While each of these teams has proven vulnerable, they are all talented and dangerous. With a little rest and good health though, this team is poised to continue winning before the bye comes with its welcome rest before the start of the second half of the season.

I see the Packers running the table in the next three games, but what do you think? Hit me up in the comments below, and…