Is signing Cobb really worth it?

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Hlh4q.Em.138Let me start by saying I am like the rest of Packer nation in that I would like to see Randall Cobb get signed to a long term contract.

Now lets be realistic about this. Randall has stated he wants 9 million a year which he is well worth.
His play on the field has been fantastic to say the least, he is a favorite target for Rodgers in clutch situations and more often than not, exceeds expectations after the catch. But if Thompson pays him the 9 million that he wants and also pays Bulaga how much does that leave for other free agents that are key players to the team? Kuhn is a fan favorite and is key in blocking for Lacy and picking up blocks to help Rodgers stay upright in the passing game so who wants to see him leave? Richardson has been a solid player in the secondary so losing him could be a down grade to our defense so do we really want that to happen? Bush and Williams are both getting old so maybe we could move on from them but what about House? He has proved he can cover big receivers like Marshall and Johnson and with more playing time he could be a asset to our defensive backfield!

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

Now back to the ramifications of signing Cobb to a big contract, while it would give the team a power house offense the next year or two, what happens when the rookies like Linsley, Baktiari, HaHa, Hayward come up for contract in a couple years? The Packers will not have the cap space to keep them because they are paying two receivers core player wages?

Do you think losing these players is worth the price of one receiver? Is being in the run every year for the play offs worth just one or two years with a strong receiver corp?

Personally I say no! If signing Cobb costs this team to fall from grace in the NFC North like the Bears did after signing Cutler then I say, let him test the market.

Slot receivers are a dime a dozen, are there any as good as Cobb? No! but are there some that can get090911_Randall-Cobb_400 the job done with an MVP QB tossing the rock to them? Yes!

Bottom line as I stated in the beginning is that while it would be nice to get him signed but we should not do it at the cost of destroying the future of the team! I am sure a lot of you will disagree with my thinking on the subject and that’s fine,but before you judge to harshly think about what I said about the Bears! Remember when we looked forward to the rivalry before Cutler was signed and the team could pay their core players? I personally would hate to see this happen to our beloved Packers, I would rather see them in the run for the playoffs and beyond every year for years to come.

Go Pack Go!




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  1.   November 30, 2015, 9:52 am

    Please change that predictable playbook – PLEASE!
    Please draft high end OL players
    Please play your best palyers on D & not take them out out when they’re having a good game..i.e. D.Jones,, Elliott, Neal..
    Please replace (bench/cut) players that don’t perform
    Please make in game adjustments
    Please let Jeff Janis play
    Please RUN THE DAMN BALL!!
    Please bench Nate Palmer
    Please J Elliott or J. Ryan play
    Please trade a TE and not in the 6th rd

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