It Starts from the Top

The Green Bay Packers have been blessed with some of the best head coaches in the NFL and this year wemike conference are looking at the possibility of another Packers coach proving that the Packers can be champions with or without the payroll of larger cities.

Mike McCarthy has taken the Packers to one Super Bowl championship and this year…may have the most stacked team of his coaching career. He won the last championship with a 10-6 record, if he wins more than that…has home-field advantage… and has a healthy team…who will deny him?

sbI like the way this year is starting out…the Packers are hungry (loss to the 49’ers again) and forced to meet the defending Super Bowl champs in week one. Whether or not we win or lose in week one remains to be seen but the ramifications carry throughout the season. The important thing is to remain on top in the NFC North and Green Bay has done that for three years in a row. After the playoff bid…anything is possible. Coach McCarthy has proved that with a Super Bowl win from the wildcard ranks.

Do you believe that Green Bay can fulfill their purpose this year like they did in 2010? Do you believe that the Green Bay Packers will put their 14th championship and their 5th Super Bowl on the board this year? If you do…make your opinion known in the comments below.



It Starts from the Top — 20 Comments

  1. We always go into the year with high hopes but this year it seems to be a little more likely with the talent and depth of the roster. If they can stay healthy this years team is better than the 2010 IMO and has a better chance of going into the play offs as top seed. Time will tell and the opener will set the picture win or lose it will depend on how they come together as a team.

    With everyone being healthy and Aaron at the helm I think they have a better than average chance of beating the SB champs.

  2. Every year there is a surprise team or two in the playoffs. For Packer fans, we always believe. That’s what we do because we love our team, regardless. But this year the feeling and expectations seem stronger. The Packers are a world -class organization every year. The pieces are all there. We all believe, but I think we KNOW this year is going to be special.

  3. Not only is this the most “stacked” team McCarthy has had, but it may be the most stacked team I’ve seen in my 55 years as a Packers fan. The tools are there. Barring injuries to key positions, this team can win the Super Bowl, and break a lot of records on the journey. :)

  4. We will get it this year. Been a packer fan since I was 5 and started watching football. I’ve stuck with the Packer Nation threw the good and bad years, always representing the greatest team in the NFL!!! Go Pack Go!! I dream to hopefully one day, see my team play in person! For now, I stay glued to my tv on gamedays, as always!!

  5. The Dream Team is in place.. The Packers know how to win and will win if they stay hungry. Stay above the riff-raff, be smart and love what you’re doing. Looking forward to seeing Green Bay winning the Super Bowl!! Love you guys!!!!

  6. Yes we can do it, Arod is the best QB in the nfl. Long as he stays protected and everyone else holds up thier part of the deal we will go all the way. GO PACKS!!!!

  7. Provided our DEFENSE is up to the TASK ! there is NO one which can beat us ! SEATTLE STILL churns my belly I want to BEAT them DOWN ! a REAL Coach wouldnt have allowed such an OBVIOUSLY TERRIBLE CALL ! Pete Carroll should be ashamed to even walk out in PUBLIC to do such a LOW LIFE thing as that !

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