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After the loss to the Vikings, in which the Packers put up and abysmal 14 points…the coaches said they had a plan to right the floundering ship that is the Packers offense. After the Cowboys loss, the Packers coaching staff said that the team would get back to its winning ways and they did so against lesser opponents. After the loss to the Falcons, in which the Packers just had to make the missed field goal or at least make the missed extra point to tie the game, the Packers coaches said there was a lot to build on. After the embarrassing loss to a Colts team that was just asking to be beat at Lambeau…what will the coaches say this week…whatever it is…it’s all words.

In a year that saw the return of Jordy Nelson, the return-to-form of Eddie Lacy before he was hurt, and Ty Montgomery not just coming back, but also proving himself to be a viable dual-threat back, words from the mouth of Packers coaches who have led the team to a 4-4 record will soon fall on deaf ears.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

If the Packers’ offensive woes could be pinned on one player…the story would be different. Early on all of PackerNation wanted to pin the problems on Aaron Rodgers but upon further review, it was obvious that in several instances the receivers were the ones underperforming. At other times, it has been the defense that has fallen under criticism for giving up more points than the offense can overcome. Other times, the offense has been blamed for forcing the defense on the field too early and too often. In each game, play by play, the problem seems to move from player to player. This, to me, points to a systemic problem, and that points to the coaching.

The brutal fact of the NFL is that you can’t fire good players, but you can fire coaches. Yeah, a player can get cut but they are too critical to the game to be cut midseason if they are good but underperforming. You can bench them, but all you end up doing is leaving reps without them on the field. You can, however, fire coaches. Is that what we are about to see in Green Bay?

There is a point at which all the pumping up and tough coaching in the world turns into jargon. A point at which all accounts of “we hold ourselves to a high standard” becomes nothing more than words. I would like to describe that point as succinctly as possible…I call it…4-4.

In a final game at Lambeau before a loooong road trip, Packers fans only entertainment in the game against the Colts was a rogue squirrel. Does that say anything to anyone out there? The rest was painful to watch, not that the Packers couldn’t make plays, but they couldn’t make plays when it mattered either on offense or defense. This is a team with enough good players to win games. Unless the team takes it upon itself to rally around Mike McCarthy and become the team they can and should be…big changes are coming. And believe me…the fallout is not going to be rosy. The easiest thing in the world is to talk about getting rid of a coach. But 100% of the people who are calling for the firing of Mike McCarthy will, in fact, not be the one who has to take his place. The shakeup could be just the turnaround we need…or it could be the end of the Aaron Rodgers era as we struggle for the next 10 years to find the right guy.

In the meantime, I will be listening to the coaches interviews. I will be watching the next game. I will be asking myself if the supposed corrections are anything more than (like this post) just words.

Go Pack!


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