It’s Tuesday, But Thursday’s Comin!

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All the rumors about the Texans possibly taking Mack over Jadaveon Clowney will have little effect on the draft picPackers pick at 21. I personally am drinkin’ the Kool-Aid on this one…that the Texans are seriously considering taking Mack. Again though…that will just amount to a flip-flop in one and two.

It seems the Packers sit just outside the range where anything really exciting will happen and with Ted Thompson’s propensity to stand pat, I think he will be smart and leave other teams to the frenzy, knowing that not only will he get a good pick in the first round but he will be getting extra picks in the third where he can find players with a second round grade. I would not be surprised at all if Ted Thompson trades back in this draft if he doesn’t see what he likes.

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So, since the Packers board is all but complete as of right now and the work in the war room is now just fine tuning and double checking, here is what I think is gonna happen and why:

I think the Packers first round pick will be C.J. Mosley, why?:


1. Mosley is good in coverage, something we have needed out of the ILB position for awhile. Mosley’s instincts would be considered elite.

2. He is stout against the run and that will be important when we have to play Adrian Peterson twice a season. An upgrade at ILB fills a need.

3. Inside linebackers are NOT typically a position that is highly coveted. Defensive player that is not a pass rusher…this makes me think Mosley could slide as projected. But think how an ILB like Mosley will enhance a Packers pass rush that has Clay Matthews and now includes Julius Peppers and expects Datone Jones to make his presence known next season.

4. The top couple picks are givens. It is very likely that it will be Clowney and Mack off early.

5. A lot of teams need qbs. When the first quarterback domino falls, there may be a run…I think this happens at least to some extent before the Packers pick.

6. A lot of teams need OT’s and there are three first rounders that will likely go before the Packers…possibly very high.

7. Top two safeties will be gone (maybe the top three). As much as I would love to see the Packers get a Clinton-Dix or Pryor with their pick, I don’t think it happens and I fear Packers fans will have to see these guys go to the Lions and/or Bears. But again, that pushes Mosley back.

Here are my doubts about Mosley…particularly as it pertains to my prediction that the Packers will pick him if he slides:

1. Packers General Manager Ted Thompson is the BEST in the league at gagging his staff and making sure no one knows what he is thinking. NO ONE knows what Thompson is thinking except the people who work with him…NO ONE I don’t care who they are. At the same time, TT doesn’t play games and try to leak out information or play smoke and mirrors….genius. TT keeps EVERYONE guessing which is incredibly important. However, that means…just like everyone else, I have NO IDEA what the Packers think of CJ Mosley. There are rumors that some GM’s are not as high on Mosley as the general populace…is TT one of those GM’s? I think they pick him based on the fact that this guy can be a Pro Bowl ILB who just happened to drop.

2. I don’t know what TT thinks of Chris Borland either…If Ted is a GM who likes Borland, he may pass on Mosley (in which case…time to think about trading back Ted).

Well, time will tell what the Packers do with their first round pick and it won’t be long now.

It’s Tuesday…but Thursday’s Comin!

Go Pack!


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