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Jones Reportedly Signs With GreenBay

James Jones is back in Green and Gold according to Ian Rapoport. The signing of Jones adds veteran leadership but with question marks about the 9 year player’s declining ability. When the Packers lost Jordy Nelson, the idea of signing Jones became very sexy as a guy who had led the league in touchdowns…but years before.

Will the addition of Jones bolster the Packers’ wide receiver roster? Will it hamper the development of young players who have high ceilings, like Myles White? Either scenario could be the case as the Packers begin the season against the Bears.

The Packers have long been a draft and develop team and the addition of Jones smacks of desperation. Yes, Jones was drafted by Ted Thompson but was also allowed to walk. To me, this signing is just a numbers game. The Packers let Jones go because he commanded too high a price and are willing to take him back with very few miles on the tread later on because he comes back around in a buyer’s market.

I am happy that Jones is back, but only because I think Jeff Janis and Ty Montgomery have higher ceilings than White. The addition of Jones is a way to put the offense at ease in what would be a difficult situation and that idea has merit. If Jones gets on the field more than Montgomery and even Janis, it could be a signal that the Packers have made some critical errors and Jones is NOT going to be the answer. But if Jones steps in to provide a veteran presence and can break tackles the way he did when he was with the Packers years ago…he could make a difference.

We will see as the Packers take on the Bears this coming Sunday and the 2015 season begins.

What do you think Packernation? Will Jones be a difference maker this year? Let us know in the comments below or back on the Facebook Fanpage.

Go Pack!