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Judge Rescinds Brady’s Suspension

Well, it is official. Tom Brady will have no price to pay (barring appeal) for his alleged part in the Deflategate scandal. US District Circuit Richard Berman has handed down his verdict. The decision, contrary to popular belief, was an “all or nothing” decision. The judge either upheld the suspension or rescinded it so this was not a case where the suspension would be upheld but reduced. 

For many fans of many teams, this begs the question, “how much scandal can the Patriots get away with?” No other team seems to be consistently get into this kind of trouble and when Championships hang in the balance, it matters. Regardless, it matters for integrity of the game but even more so when it involves a team that is a perennial playoff team and has won several championships…it begins to erode the game for everyone.

Maybe there was not enough evidence for the specifics as to what part Tom Brady himself exactly had to do with Deflategate. But can we all (Packers fans and all fans of the NFL) just stop for a minute and ask themselves one question: “Have we not seen enough smoke to know that there is fire in the Patriots’ organization?”

The NFL can appeal this decision and I hope they do because many times the last appeal comes out on top. But would you rather just see the matter put to bed and not have to hear about it (or read about it) any more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or back at the Facebook Fanpage.

Go Pack! May fair play and the championship spirit go on in Titletown!