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Just Gotta Say…Aaron Rodgers is a CLASS ACT

We have all seen the pictures of Aaron Rodgers with Olivia Munn at the recent Badgers games. And The Cheese even had some fun with that, but seeing Aaron at the Badgers versus Arizona game just made me think about what a class act Aaron Rodgers is. 

Aaron Rodgers is a pro player, he works SO hard for the Green Bay Packers. And yet, here we see him, in the offseason, cheering on the Wisconsin Badgers as if they were his home team. What a class act! Aaron Rodgers has embraced Wisconsin as if it was his own. This is evidenced by his support of Sam Dekker, who Aaron has corresponded with all year.

To see the best player in the NFL support the Wisconsin Badgers makes me think that there is greatness in Aaron that supercedes the football field. Simply said…it makes me proud to be a Packers fan and proud to be from Wisconsin. I love that Aaron supports the Badgers and have really enjoyed seeing him in the stands cheering them on.

Go Badgers…and Go Pack!